Motorcycle Inspection Services Available for Foreigners

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About the Japanese Motorcycle Inspection System

In Japan, motorcycles with an engine displacement of over 250cc require an inspection, known as 'Shaken', at an inspection agency when newly registered and every two years thereafter for road use.

Our shop offers a cost-effective inspection service by performing only the essential maintenance required at the time of motorcycle inspection.

Especially for inspections of non-Japanese motorcycles such as Harley, Ducati, and BMW, costs tend to be higher at other shops, but at our store, we can provide inspections at a more affordable price.

Our Service Area

Our service area includes Gunma Prefecture and parts of Saitama Prefecture that are close to Gunma.

We cover the entire area of Gunma Prefecture.

We serve Kodama District, Honjo City, Fukaya City, and Kumagaya City in Saitama Prefecture.

Operating Company

AT-1 Gunma Automobile Sales.
(AT-1 Motorcycle Sales)

zip code 370-1406
917-1 Joboji, Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan



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Isao Kondo

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